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  • Male koala walking and scent-marking trees
    This post shows a 3 year old young, sub-dominant male during breeding season, walking through an area and scent-marking a tree. It explains how koalas use...
  • Do Koalas drink?
    Koalas do drink, but they do it in a tree. When it rains, koalas lick the raindrops as they run down the trunks of gum-trees.
  • Vote for the next King Koala on Wild Koala Day
    In The Bush when a dominant animal dies, a young animal gets a chance to be the top. In the You Yangs now these three male koalas are bluffing and fighting...
  • About Koala Scent Glands
    Male koalas have a scent gland in the middle of their chest.  The gland produces a strong-smelling oily substance that can be rubbed against trees to act as a...
  • Anzac The Amazing
    Written by Janine Duffy We could tell that Anzac was amazing from the first minute. He met our tour group at the entrance gate of the You Yangs, as if to say...
  • Spraying water on koalas
    Koalas die in extreme heat, partly from dehydration and partly from heat stroke. To save them, we had to find a way to cool them down and get them water. So...
  • Cuddles for Clancy
    What happens when the two most famous wild koalas in the world meet?
  • It’s tough being a young male koala
    Koala Clancy writes about how difficult it is for young male koalas to find a home
  • Five koala joeys!
    The You Yangs wild koala population has produced five healthy joeys this season.
  • A new King of the You Yangs is coming!
    Koala Clancy, sub-dominant male, is making a bid for dominant male status. Maps and explanations.